Leading EdTech company MyKlassroom.com moves their website to Azure App Service.

Myklassroom.com is a cloud-based social learning platform to help institutions deliver a personalized learning program to students. It is an EdTech company found by alumni of Wharton Business School and IIT, with the vision of engaging students through a digital medium and enhancing the learning process at educational institutions.

Myklassroom.com is a powerful blend of Social networking and E-learning, which transforms the traditional classroom education to an online collaborative platform for teaching and learning. The initiative seeks to improve the student’s performance by reducing the time needed for mastering knowledge by increasing retention and increasing engagement.

Myklassroom.com provides access to curated content for anyone who is interested to learn about a specific topic. The blog and college finder tool help graduating students in the country to choose the right course and college based on their interest and scores.

Customer Challenges

MyKlassroom.com was running on WordPress hosted on a traditional Linux with a LAMP stack. With the social networking aspect of the platform and the college finder tool usage whenever HSC exam results were published caused more and more unpredictable load. The traditional set up brought immediate scaling problems.

MyKlassroom.com wanted to

  • Make sure the server can handle dynamic traffic spikes
  • Increase the site speed to improve their rankings on search engines and provide a better experience for the site visitor
  • Secure the website and setup website monitoring to stay on top of metrics such as CPU time, requests per second, HTTP error codes and more.

CloudIQ Solution

The CloudIQ team recommended moving the site to Azure App Service as it provides a scalable, secure and easy to use environment for production grade WordPress sites. Azure CDN was enabled to deliver files faster and more reliably to customers across the globe. Using Azure traffic manager, the site traffic was distributed to specified website endpoints and support automatic failover.

The result, MyKlassroom.com is now seated on an infrastructure with high availability and gets all the benefits of the Cloud such as auto-scaling, load balancing and self-healing.

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