Launching AWS SQL Server RDS

Business Needs:

Our goal is to identify whether Amazon SQL Server RDS Service provides elastic , highly available , Scalable and operationally efficient solution for our use case. We are evaluating options to migrate our read/write heavy production SQL Server database to amazon SQL Server RDS. We have pretty high throughput needs for few hours a day for few months in a year ,which is mission critical for our business success. Any downtown during peak usuage would be catastrophic for our business. We are evaluating pros and cons of moving to amazon RDS with provisioned IOPS.

Caveats of AWS RDS SQL Server:

These information we gathered while working with SQL Server RDS.

Feature NameYes/NoDescription
SQL Server 2016 SupportNoMicrosoft says SQL Server 2016 comes with very rich feature set and ton on OLTP Enhancements
Native Backup RestoreYesAWS RDS Released this feature a week ago , which makes moving databases across environments lot more easier.
Elastic IOPSNoStorage and IOPS needs to be incremented linearly for higher performance. You can’t get higher IOPS without increasing storage.
Elastic StorageNoScaling Storage is not an option after launching an instance
RAID SupportNoWe usually have RAID 10 for production workload and RDS doesn’t have options to configure RAID
Point in Time Restore on Same InstanceNoYou can’t do Point in Time Restore on the existing database. You have to spin up new Instance
AlwaysOn Availability GroupsNoThis provides ability to failover group of databases to your secondary instance
MirroringYesMirroring is Deprecated feature and its replaced with AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Linked Servers from RDSNoBut Linked Servers to RDS is Allowed.
Service BrokerNoComes handy for services

  No Admin privileges. You can’t execute normal sql server system stored procedures and you need to work with options groupand parameters group to modify configuration. You can’t execute sp_configure to change configurations.

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