Kubernetes on Azure

A 2-day workshop for AKS developers

This 2-day hands-on workshop is designed to give participants the opportunity to skill-up and learn Kubernetes design, deployment, and management on Azure.

Container and container orchestration are a must-have technology for organizations that want to develop and run their business-critical applications in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. The technology – when used right – brings companies the full value of cloud, and for this, it is critical for all developers and associated DevOps professionals to understand it correctly.

Participation details:  

Best suited for Developers, Software/System Architects, DevOps teams     
Number of participants: 10 – 20  
Location: At your location / mutually agreed offsite


Basic knowledge of Docker containers    
Access to software such as Docker desktop, Azure CLI, Kubectl, Helm

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    DAY 1
    Introduction to Docker and Kubernetes     
    Exercise 1: kubectl demo     
    Exercise 2: Kubernetes deployment basics     
    Exercise 3: 
    Application Overview  
    Create and run Docker container in local
    Azure Container Registry  
    Exercise 4: Push the Docker Images to ACR    
    Azure Kubernetes Service Overview   
    Exercise 5: Deploy the application in AKS  
    DAY 2
    Ingress Overview
    Exercise 6: Deploy an application with Ingress (Ingress controller creation, deploy application, Ingress rules creation)     
    Package management using Helm Charts  
    Exercise 7: Deploy the application using helm charts    
    Passing Secrets to your application    
    Exercise 8 (demo): Passing secrets with helm charts  
    Secrets Management  
    Flex volume configuration    
    Exercise 9: End to End Monitoring  
    Exercise 10: Scaling
    Demo : CI/ CD Pipeline    

    What to expect?   

    Get an overview of container orchestration – demonstrated and explained in detail by real-world experts.
    Understand the architecture of a Kubernetes environment, and its key components along with relevant theoretical knowledge. 
    Get a chance to implement the learning as live exercises – each participant will receive access to a Kubernetes cluster.


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