Leading Non–Profit Hospital & Medical Center taps into cutting-edge Azure technology to bring in enhanced productivity and resource optimization

Leading Non–Profit Hospital & Medical Center with 3700+ employees, 1100+ physicians, and medical staff providing world-class health services at 100+ locations across New York wanted to consolidate and upgrade its fragmented IT architecture. They were using a broad range of state-of-the-art clinical programs and applications to provide advanced treatments and diagnostic services.

Their applications scattered across 600+ VMs, deal with a variety of business and healthcare activities – from straightforward HRM systems to virtual patient monitoring and diagnostic support solution to healthcare-only apps that connect the clinical side of their work with the operational.

To consolidate and upgrade its fragmented IT architecture, they sought help from Cloud IQ Technologies to assess, recommend, and implement the right cloud solution.

Customer Challenges

As early adopters of new technology, they were using the very best of digital technology. However, these had been added in a piecemeal manner, leaving the IT architecture fragmented and underutilized. Most of their infrastructure is on-premise, and they wanted a modern-day approach that combined the benefits of cloud computing with the enhanced security of an on-premise data center.

They were looking for

  • Optimized IT infrastructure in the cloud that would consolidate and gradually replace the existing on-premises data center.
  • An overall boost in performance and efficiency through task automation. Realize the cost benefits of the cloud by actively pursuing cost and time optimization.
  • A modern hybrid Azure infrastructure that would bring them enhanced security with updated network infrastructure, while keeping domain management simple.

CloudIQ Solution

The CloudIQ team worked together with their IT team to build a future-ready and highly-scalable IT architecture on Microsoft’s Azure platform.The team used a three-pronged strategy, starting with Resource Audit & Assessment, followed by Network Infrastructure Design, and Datacenter Migration.

Resource Audit & Assessment

During the initial stage, the CloudIQ team conducted a thorough IT inventory assessment and ran several diagnostic tests to assess the dependencies of the VMs.

Network Infrastructure Design

Using the assessment reports as a roadmap, a plan was devised to create a hybrid cloud solution – shifting some VMs to Azure while leaving other critical servers untouched on-premise.

Before migrating the servers to Azure, CloudIQ experts prepared the organizational network infrastructure. The project was managed by a dedicated network team, which implemented Microsoft ExpressRoute service, designed and created virtual networks in Azure. Azure Site-to-Site VPN was also provisioned as redundant network connectivity.

Datacenter Migration

The migration process started with preparing the environment with Azure Migrate tools and several on-Premises servers to support the migration to Azure.

A repository of migration documentation was built, servers were sorted based on their role and importance, and business owners of every server were consulted.

The CloudIQ team decided to perform the migration in waves. Application dependencies were studied and mapped, and a cluster-based migration plan was devised. Interconnected app clusters were migrated in batches – this ensured a seamless, zero-downtime transition.

CloudIQ migration plan didn’t just stop at putting the applications on Azure; the team developed and implemented an integrated monitoring system of on-premise equipment and Azure systems. The monitoring system leveraged user-friendly dashboards and alerts to provide the client with complete control and an overview of their entire IT ecosystem.

Customer Impact

The VM consolidation and modernization showed its benefits almost immediately. They saw a significant boost in performance with the Azure migrate assessment tool showing CPU utilization of 60-70%.

The migration to Azure also ensured

  • High availability of server infrastructure
  • Enhanced disaster recovery with tools such as Azure Site Recovery
  • Alerts and dashboards to enable visibility and monitoring of Virtual Machines, Network Infrastructure, Storage, Database, and more.
  • Heightened security and compliance using tools such as Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, and NSG (network security group).

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