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This week we look at why 2020 will be the launch of the ‘Data Decade’, top CX trends, general availability of Azure Sphere, and troubleshooting common problems in Kubernetes Deployments.

Industry News & Perspectives

Launch of the “Data Decade”

CRN asked nearly 80 CEOs five questions about how digital technologies will shape up in 2020 and beyond. Here is a summary of what they said.

Top CX Trends

Customer experience is no longer just the responsibility of client-facing departments. As more customers shop online, CX has become a top priority for CIOs as well. Here are 5 technology trends that should be a part of every CIO’s strategy.

Technology Updates

Azure Sphere

From its inception in Microsoft Research to general availability today, Azure Sphere is Microsoft’s answer to these escalating IoT threats. An interview with Galen Hunt, distinguished engineer and product leader of Azure Sphere.

DevOps and Agility

As DevOps becomes mainstream and with a range of frameworks to choose from, is DevOps losing its agility? Maybe, maybe not! Here is an article that will reconnect you to the grounding principle of DevOps – innovation, and agility.

Microsoft Datacenters in Spain

Microsoft announces its strategy for establishing new European datacenters in Spain. While there is no fixed launch date, the company has announced that the proposed DCs will deliver Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform.

From CloudIQ

Optimizing Azure Cosmos DB Performance

Azure Cosmos DB allows Azure platform users to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide. Here is an article on how to optimize Cosmos DB performance.

How to Debug and Troubleshoot Common Problems in Kubernetes Deployments

Kubernetes deployment issues are not always easy to troubleshoot. In some cases, the errors can be resolved easily, and, in some cases, detecting errors requires us to dig deeper and run various commands to identify and resolve the issues. Here is a guided tutorial to debug applications that are deployed into Kubernetes.

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This week we look at Microsoft’s Azure strategy, Gartner’s getting smarter about digital business, DevSecOps, debugging Kubernetes applications and a deep dive into Kubernetes networking.

Industry Viewpoints & News

Smarter with Gartner

Kickstart the week with this incredibly ‘smart’ article by Smarter with Gartner. The article sounds a warning about sticking to the old ways of doing digital.

Microsoft’s Azure Strategy

Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft’s Channel Chief, sat down for an illuminating chat with CRN. The conversation revealed Microsoft’s Azure strategy, its channel investment priorities, and its upcoming plans for its partners.

Google Cloud acquires Cornerstone

Google Cloud just finalized another big acquisition with Cornerstone Technology, a mainframe specialist. The new purchase fits in perfectly with Google Cloud’s strategy to make the shifting of legacy applications on to the cloud easier.

Technical Insights 


When paired together, Security and DevOps can offer organizations more robust and baked-in security. Find out how companies can do DevSecOps correctly in this two-part series by Devops.com.

Azure Firewall Manager

Microsoft extends Azure Firewall Manager preview to include automatic deployment and central security policy management for Azure Firewall in hub virtual networks.

Debugging a Kubernetes Application

General troubleshooting and debugging techniques for an application running in a Kubernetes environment and the most common issues to expect.

From CloudIQ

Kubernetes Networking Deep Dive – Data Plane, how it Works Under the Hood?

Kubernetes is simple enough to get started, however one of the most complex and critical part is the networking. Here is a deep dive into the Data Plane and how it works under the hood.

Microservices – Aligning business and technology for closer collaboration, agility & flexibility

A microservices-based architecture introduces agility, flexibility and supports a sustainable DEVOPS culture ensuring closer collaboration within businesses and the news is that it’s happening for those who embrace it.

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This week we look at Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform, GKE support for Windows, DevSecOps and making better quality software using Jenkins CI/CD pipeline.

Industry Perspective and News

Oracle Cloud Data Science Platform

Oracle is pulling out all stops in 2020! The company is in the news once again with the launch of its data science platform – a first of its kind cloud-native platform that is completely geared towards providing a collaborative workspace for data scientists.

Windows on GKE

Google Cloud supports Windows on GKE, as a part its commitment to providing complete support to client’s Windows server-based applications.

Six I’s of Successful IT Leaders

As every company becomes a tech company, the role of the CIOs become critical for success. Naturally, this increases the pressure on the CIOs to deliver more and think strategically. Here is an article that outlines 6 key focus areas that CIOs can start with.

Technological Insights

Storage is getting a reboot!

IBM is the first one to revamp its storage lines with the launch of Storwize and Flash Systems A9000.


Security as a topic is never far off in any IT discussion. A useful webinar by CEO of Cmd, Jake King, on DevOpsTV. He lays out 7 DevOps-friendly techniques that will help you incorporate security without compromising on speed or scale.


A fantastic chat with Peter Mattis, the creator of the CockroachDB open-source database and co-founder and CTO of Cockroach Labs. A conversation that covers interesting bits from his career in open source and Google.

From CloudIQ

Make Better Quality Software using Jenkins for your CI/CD Pipeline

With Jenkins, organizations can accelerate the software development process through automation. Jenkins integrates development life-cycle processes of all kinds, including build, document, test, package, stage, deploy, static analysis and much more.

Blue Green Deployment on Azure, Safe Strategy with Zero Downtime

When you are deploying a new change into production, the associated deployment should be in a predictable manner. In simple terms, this means no disruption and zero downtime!

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This week we look at the State of DevOps, Hyperledger Fabric on AKS Marketplace template, Serverless computing frameworks and InfluxDB on GCP.

Industry News & Perspectives

Robot Resource Organizations

The adoption of new digital technologies and the ever-changing expectations of customers continues to challenge traditional retailers, forcing them to investigate new-human hybrid operational models, including artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics.

Oracle Cloud

While the cloud market pie is divided into 3-4 large slices, there is still plenty of business in the thin sliver left for ‘others’. Oracle Cloud is doing its best to capture this small market and maybe become more than a niche infrastructure provider.

State of DevOps

The 8th annual ‘State of DevOps’ survey reports that the retail sector (as always) is the most advanced when it comes to DevOps adoption. Read on for more details.

Technical Insights

Hyperledger Fabric on AKS Marketplace template

Users with little knowledge of Azure or Hyperledger Fabric will now be able to easily set up a blockchain consortium on Azure with the new Hyperledger Fabric on Azure Kubernetes Service marketplace template.

Serverless computing frameworks

A new report by Datadog shows that almost 50% of the companies using its platform are opting for AWS Lambda serverless computing framework.

InfluxDB on GCP

Database provider InfluxDB is now live on GCP. It announced the availability of its managed cloud service as a part of Google Cloud’s open-source umbrella. Next on the agenda is the rollout of its second-generation serverless offering on Azure.

From CloudIQ

Develop Faster with Continuous Integration & the Tools to Get the Job Done

In recent years CI has become a best practice for software development and is guided by a set of key principles. Among them are revision control, build automation and automated testing.

Installing and Using HELM, the Package Manager for Kubernetes

Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes that allows developers and operators to more easily package, configure, and deploy applications and services onto Kubernetes clusters.

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This week we look at Stackshare’s top 140 tools for developers in 2019, auto-labelling tool for AI developers, using Terraform for multi-cloud orchestration strategy and more.

Industry Perspective & News

Launchable aims to increase delivery velocity

This is the best use of any extra 25 minutes you have today. Jenkins founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi (KK) and respected DevOps veteran Harpreet Singh have launched a new company called Launchable that aims to increase delivery velocity. They talk all about it in this podcast (if you prefer to read, then the link has a complete transcript too).  

AWS maintains market share

January ended with the news of AWS posting revenues of $9.95 billion in Q4 2019 – bringing its 2019 revenue up to a grand total of $40bn. But, as we say, “cloud is complex,” and there is plenty of big fish in the cloud market.

Tech Insights

Top 140 tools for developers in 2019

Here is an article every developer MUST bookmark. Stackshareanalyzed over four million data points shared in their community and shortlisted the definitive list of Top 140 tools for developers in 2019!

Auto-labelling tool for AI developers

After that mammoth list, we decided to continue with the tool theme. So here is another one – a new auto-labeling tool for AI developers by IBM.

Cisco HyperFlex Application Platform (HXAP)

Cisco launched a tool (or rather a whole bouquet of tools) that lets customers build their own cloud-native environments. The HyperFlex Application Platform (HXAP) offers a whole host of integrated tools such as container networking, storage, a load balancer, and more.

From CloudIQ

Kubernetes on Azure: A 2-day workshop for AKS developers

Container technology has revolutionized the DevOps landscape and offers organizations the chance to develop and test applications faster and more cost-effectively. CloudIQ’s 2-day hands-on workshop is designed to give DevOps team members the opportunity to skill-up and learn Kubernetes design, deployment, and management.

Terraform for Multi-Cloud Orchestration Strategy

Terraform being cloud-agnostic, allows a single configuration to be used to manage multiple providers, and to even handle cross-cloud dependencies by simplifying management and orchestration.

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This week we look at some of the infrastructure and operations trends and insights on MLOps, Amazon Alexa and Blue green deployment on Azure.

Industry Perspective & News

AWS slashes cost of DR

Celebrate! AWS has announced massive cloud cost reductions on disaster recovery and Kubernetes services

Infrastructure & Operations Trends

Another week, another bunch of predictions. The difference here is that the article also details some trends that are on the wane.  

Tech Insights

MongoDB Supports GraphQL

MongoDB is now supporting GraphQL language for accessing its serverless application platform. This promises to extend their technology towards web and mobile apps.

CircleCI Orbs

In just a year since its launch, CircleCI Orbs are being used by over 13,000 organizations in close to 9 million CI/CD pipelines. New collaborations with 20 partners now extend the Orbs ecosystem even further.


MLOps – the collaborative best practices that accelerate the machine lifecycle across model development, deployment, monitoring, and more – can give organizations a massive edge against competitors. John ‘JG’ Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure Data & AI explains more in this blog.

From CloudIQ

Amazon Alexa Custom Skills – How to Build One Step-by-Step

Amazon’s Alexa is the voice activated and interactive AI Bot designed to respond to number of commands and converse with people. Alexa Skills are apps that give Alexa even more abilities.

Blue Green Deployment on Azure, Safe Strategy with Zero Downtime

In Azure, different processes are available for implementing the Blue-Green strategy with two environments. In this article we discuss some of these techniques.

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This week we look at the worldwide IT spending for 2020, aligning IoT and AI with business goals and the Kubernetes bug bounty program.

Tech Insights

IT Spending 2020

Gartner starts the year with some great news – Worldwide IT spending is projected to increase by 3.4% to $3.9 trillion in 2020. Get more insights from the Gartner report here.

Adoption of IoT and AI

To get the full benefits of IoT and AI, their adoption will need to merge with business strategies and goals. And that will change the way businesses are structured.

Industry Insights

Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift 4.3 

Red Hat’s cloud-native commitment stays strong! The company just released its Kubernetes-based Red Hat OpenShift 4.3 and Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage 4 to provide multi-cloud Kubernetes container support.

Kubernetes bug bounty program

Kubernetes Product security committee is launching a new bug bounty program to tap into the power of the highly active Kubernetes community to find vulnerabilities in the software. Find out how you can get started.

From CloudIQ

Introduction to Machine Learning and How It Works

In this article we look at the basics of machine learning, the different algorithm models and a simple machine learning algorithm example using Python.

How to build real-time streaming data pipelines and applications using Apache Kafka?

In this article we will discuss how to use Apache Kafka, the distributed publish-subscribe messaging system and to pass messages from one end-point to another.

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This week we look at some of the technologies of the future and insights on container performance & security, connected vehicles, and chatbots.

Latest in Tech

CES 2020

2020 starts with the biggest tech event of the year – CES 2020. The Las Vegas event showcases the technology of the future! Here are the highlights of some of the enterprise technologies on display.

Technology 2020

Want to know the latest technology trends that will impact businesses in 2020? From the empowered edge to human augmentation and more, here are 15 of them.

Industry Insights

Service Mesh

Containers are dominating the software world, but despite their popularity and orchestration software like Kubernetes, they are still challenging to manage. Service meshes come as the answer to improving container performance and security.

Connected Vehicles

The world of vehicle software is heating up! BlackBerry QNX and AWS are targeting automotive OEMs to bring services, personalization, health monitoring, and advanced driver assistance (ADAS) to vehicles.


In the next couple of years, 70% of white-collar workers will chat with conversation AI platforms daily – predicts Gartner. Here is a case study of improving customer service with an intelligent virtual assistant using IBM Watson.

From CloudIQ

Azure Database for MySQL and Grafana to monitor Azure services

More and more organizations run their business-critical applications on containers using Azure and that calls for a more intuitive dashboard to monitor and track Azure Services.

How to Create and Run Spark Clusters with Qubole using AWS

Qubole is a platform that puts big data on the cloud to power business decisions based on real-time analytics. Here is how you can create and run Spark Clusters with Qubole using AWS.

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We hope you had a joyful and fun holiday! NOW with the festivities behind us, it’s time for business again!

Let’s start with what IT Leaders are planning for 2020.

Leader’s Speak

CIO’s plan for 2020

What are the CIOs thinking and planning for the coming year? It seems finding talent, dealing with rising security problems, and prioritizing the acquisition of new technologies are some of the topics occupying the C-suite.

IT Industry in 2020

Joel Friedman, CTO, Rackspace offers his take on what 2020 will hold for the IT industry. According to Joel, hybrid, and multi-cloud, SaaS and security problems will grow;

A decade since the launch of Azure

2020 marks a decade since the launch of Azure. Ever wondered what the founders think about their creation? Here’s a short interview with Microsoft’s Yousef Khalidi and Hoi Vo, key members of the original Azure ‘dream team’.

Industry insights

AI Solutions

As a digital-first service provider, we at CloudIQ help implement AI solutions across organizations. Impact like this is what we aim for! This is what the future of AI looks like.

Top Big Data companies to watch for in 2020

Big Data is going to dominate many a boardroom in the coming few years. We start the year by tracking some promising companies that will define the coming year with their next-generation data management, data science, and machine learning technology.

From CloudIQ

Deploying a Pod containing three applications using Jenkins CI/CD pipeline and updating them selectively

Kubernetes pod is a layer of abstraction wrapped around containers to group them together for resource allocation and efficient management. Here is how to deploy a pod containing three applications using Jenkins CI/CD pipeline and update them selectively.

Provisioning Cloud Infrastructure using AWS CloudFormation Templates

Spend less time managing cloud infrastructure and focus on building your application, thanks to AWS CloudFormation templates. Here is a quick start guide to creating the templates for provisioning cloud infrastructure.

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The last two days of 2019 feel a bit like a waiting period – it’s a tad early to start celebrating, but it’s hard to plan anything until the new year celebrations are truly behind us and we are back at work. We think a good way to use this time would be to indulge in a bit of nostalgia and look back at how the technology landscape evolved in 2019.

Recap 2019

Kubernetes Podcast in 2019

If you deal with Kubernetes, then we are sure you follow the Kubernetes Podcast. Here is the roundup of the year’s best! Enjoy!

CRN’s 2019 Year in Review

LOVE ‘Top-10’ listicles? Here is a mammoth list of technology top 10s by CRN. From top 10 cybersecurity stories to the top 10 mobile apps of 2019 – it’s all here!

Top 10 Smarter with Gartner Articles for 2019

No report, survey, or listicle is complete without Gartner. Here are the 10 best “Smarter with Gartner articles from 2019”. 

Industry insights

What’s New with AWS

A quick video to recap the latest AWS updates and announcements (there are many!) and a web link, too, in case you want to explore categories in more detail.

IBM Z Open Editor Support for LSP

Any programmer can attest to the power – and the usefulness – of Language Server Protocol (LSP). Now its integration with IBM’s Z Open Editor opens a whole new level for coders across the globe.

From CloudIQ

Creating AWS Security Groups for Kubernetes

We are going to discuss creating security groups in AWS for Kubernetes. The goal is to set up a Kubernetes cluster on AWS EC2, having provisioned your virtual machines.

Deploy a Spring-Boot Application in Kubernetes Pod using Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline

Kubernetes has become the preferred platform of choice for container orchestration. Here is a walkthrough of how Jenkins CI/CD pipeline is used to deploy a spring boot application in K8s.

Signing off now and will see you all in the new year. Party hard and bring in 2020 in style.

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This week we present to you some fresh articles on the evolution of some of the most dominant technologies for the coming decade.


Blockchain in 2020

2019 has been a year of great highs and some lows for the blockchain technology. The next year is going to see some significant growth and consolidation of large blockchain protocols and digital assets.

Cybersecurity in 2020

Everyone agrees that security is going to be ALL IMPORTANT in the coming year. Here is an article that positions 2020 as the year of the breach. We guarantee you will bump security to the top of your list after reading this.

Industry insights

New features in Azure Monitor Metrics Explorer

A few months ago, Microsoft’s Azure clients gave some feedback regarding the use of metrics in Azure Portal. Now the Microsoft team comes back with some new features which address the main concerns of the community.

The Update Framework (TUF)

The ninth to join the CNCF’s list of mature technologies – The Update Framework (TUF) is an open-source technology that secures software update systems.

From CloudIQ

Kubernetes Deployment Controller – An Inside Look

Kubernetes Deployment Controller helps monitor and manage the upgrade, downgrade, and scaling of services without any disruption or downtime. Here’s a detailed look at the inner workings of Kubernetes Deployment Controller.

Implementing Azure AD Pod Identity in AKS Cluster

Cloud-based identity and access management service becomes a necessity for connecting pods in AKS cluster to access other Azure cloud resources and services. Here is a detailed look at how Azure AD Pod Identity helps.

Welcome to Cloud View!

The last couple of weeks we have been curating predictions for the coming year (and decade) from well regarded sources. Now it’s time to drill down deeper into specific areas and find out what experts in the field see in store for the future.


Cybersecurity: Mitigating cyber-attacks and risks

Forbes has put out a really exhaustive list of predictions (141 to be exact!) in the cyber security realm. These are all from key players and professionals in the digital arena – CIOs, CEOs, CFOs and security heads from across the digital spectrum weigh in with what they think is crucial to mitigate cyber attacks and risks in the coming few years.

Future of DevOps

DevOps is all about bringing the power of collaboration to executing business ideas; turning organizational visions into applications that drive growth and profits. So what does the future hold for the DevOps community?

Industry Speak

AT&T integrating 5G with Microsoft cloud

5G has been in news for all the wrong reasons, but finally we see some interesting news emerging from the industry. A strategic partnership between Microsoft and AT&T announces that AT&T’s 5G core will run on Azure!

Kubernetes for exponential growth

Containers and container orchestration with Kubernetes are vital for any tech-based business looking to deliver more features – faster and more affordably. Here is a look at how AlphaSense, one of the top AI start-ups leveraged Kubernetes to accelerate growth.

From CloudIQ

Optimizing Azure Cosmos DB Performance

Azure Cosmos DB allows Azure platform users to elastically and independently scale throughput and storage across any number of Azure regions worldwide. Here is an article on how to optimize Cosmos DB performance.

How to Debug and Troubleshoot Common Problems in Kubernetes Deployments

Kubernetes deployment issues are not always easy to troubleshoot. In some cases, the errors can be resolved easily, and, in some cases, detecting errors requires us to dig deeper and run various commands to identify and resolve the issues. Here is a guided tutorial to debug applications that are deployed into Kubernetes.

Welcome to Cloud View!

With the new year 2020 coming closer, the industry is firmly looking towards the future. Cloud news is full of predictions for the year ahead and here’s a quick selection we picked for this week’s reading.


Forrester’s cloud computing predictions for 2020

Forrester has an excellent track record of predicting the right cloud trends. And that makes their 2020 cloud computing predictions a MUST-READ. Here is a breakdown from TechRepublic.

Gartner’s top strategic predictions for 2020 and beyond

Last week we put the spotlight on Granter’s strategic trends, this week we delve further into these to understand how they would affect the people and their lives and work. Unsurprisingly, AI takes center-stage again.

Industry Insights

Telcos embrace containers

Gartner predicts that over 75% of global companies will run containerized applications by 2022. Kubernetes is the leading container orchestration platform for managing these containers. Here is a look at how Telcos are planning to use it to deploy cloud-native 5G networks.

AWS IoT Day – Eight Powerful New Features

AWS regularly puts out bundled themed announcements, which make it easy for us to find relevant information in one place. Here is the one related to AWS IoT Day. Check out 8 powerful AWS features, from secret tunneling to Alexa voice service integration and more.

Interesting announcements from KubeCon

Over 100 announcements were made at KubeCon, here’s a quick read of the 10 most important ones.

This week at CloudIQ

Kubernetes on Azure: A 2-day workshop for AKS developers

Container technology has revolutionized the DevOps landscape and offers organizations the chance to develop and test applications faster and more cost-effectively. CloudIQ’s 2-day hands-on workshop is designed to give DevOps team members the opportunity to skill-up and learn Kubernetes design, deployment, and management.

Configuring Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) – A Detailed Guide

Today organizations require an enterprise cyber-security platform, which provides network security, cloud security, endpoint protection, & various related cloud-delivered security services. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) fits the bill and here is a detailed guide on configuring it.

Welcome to Cloud View!

The cloud computing landscape is evolving, innovating, and expanding almost at the speed of thought! Every week there are hundreds of announcements, insights, opinions, and studies discussing new trends, ideas, and technological breakthroughs. To help you get the most relevant information, we have put together a weekly curated list of must-read articles under Cloud View.


Cloud computing in 2020

As 2019 winds down, our eyes turn to the next year. Let’s find out what the pundits are predicting for cloud computing in 2020.
Hybrid cloud is passé as onmi-cloud becomes the preferred enterprise approach; Kubernetes is all set to become the dominant talking point in tech conversations in 2020, and AI will become omnipresent.

How will upcoming technology affect humans – at work or at home?

How can IT leaders invest in today’s technology for a future payoff? Here are the top 10 strategic tech trends by Gartner – a look into the future. A must-read before planning for the coming year.

AI and Robotics

No talk of the future is complete without AI and robotics! Keith Shaw, editor-in-chief of Robotics Business Review, shares some insights on where robotics is heading.

Industry Insights

Microsoft and Google Cloud’s battle for the enterprise

Google Cloud is aggressively trying to elbow into the cloud market, leading to a battle royale. All the cloud giants have deep pockets and are not afraid of investing BIG, which is great for innovation and enterprise clients. Check out the whole article for a more in-depth look at how the race for cloud dominance is playing out.  

Confidential Computing

Microsoft brings confidential computing capability to Kubernetes workloads – an additional layer of security to keep business data safe.

This week at CloudIQ


CloudIQ Technologies is now a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP)

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recognizes CloudIQ as one of the few (122 as on Nov 19, 2019) service providers worldwide to receive KCSP certification. As a KCSP, CloudIQ will be able to access collaborative group support to help its clients develop and deploy cloud native applications quickly and efficiently. The CNCF partnership program also puts CloudIQ in touch with organizations looking to design, adopt and implement cloud native solutions.


Understanding Kubernetes Concepts – A QuickStart Guide 

Container technology made software development more agile, however, containers need to be tracked, monitored, and managed, which is where container orchestration and Kubernetes come in. Here is a quick start guide to understanding Kubernetes concepts.

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